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2021 Wall Calendar - Aurelio Amendola Pistoia2021 Wall Calendar - Aurelio Amendola Pistoia2021 Wall Calendar - Aurelio Amendola Pistoia


2021 Wall Calendar - Aurelio Amendola Pistoia

So here is the Pistoia of Aurelio, like the body of a woman caressed by velvet eyes. The silvery aspect of the town – ancient and noble with remote beginnings – is diluted into planes, sweetened from its primary severity.
His Pistoia is an embroidered town, radiant and kind: a golden book of light chimes with the bell for baptisms where the phases of the light are adapted to the rhythm of the seasons. The image is enlivened, whispers, diffuses: you feel the sultriness of July when it is about to rain, the shadows cast beneath the porticos, the cellar-like freshness that suddenly roars like a hurricane. You feel the glory of the extended south, its heat waves. Pistoia, lucis porta, porta aurea. Set apart accurately, highly civilised.
A novel of living stone, between chamfering and twisting. Beautiful for its airy space, almost as though it were music".
- Paola Goretti
In Aurelio Amendola. Pistoia. People and Places, Gli Ori, 2020, p. 6

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This wall calendar features 12 beautiful images of Pistoia from the exhibition Aurelio Amendola. An Anthology
Size cm 29,5x41

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