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Aurelio Amendola. An anthologyAurelio Amendola. An anthologyAurelio Amendola. An anthologyAurelio Amendola. An anthologyAurelio Amendola. An anthology

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Aurelio Amendola. An anthology


The antique and ancient, the avant-garde, the contemporary, the happenings of the 1970s, the studios, the maze of friends and collaborations, the large shows, the small museums. Born in Pistoia on 19 January 1938, Amendola has taken on all genres. The interpreter par excellence of the complete works of Michelangelo, the sublime witness to the classical tradition (with Canova, Bernini, Jacopo della Quercia, and Donatello), the friend and associate of innumerable figures from the 20th century (he has made portraits of de Chirico, Warhol, Burri, Moore, Fazzini, Zorio, Ceroli, Vedova, Carla Accardi, Schifano, Guttuso, Parmiggiani, Pistoletto, Clemente, Paladino, Nitsch, Schnabel, Lichtenstein, and Kounellis). He has made into masterpieces the masterpieces of all time by dialoguing with the spirit of the artists in a genuine Quodloquium, and has absorbed them style and intensity. Solidly anchored in the cultural humus of the city, his photography is not pure and simple reproduction, even if extremely elegant and enlivened by a perfect use of black and white. Continuity and unusual juxtapositions, spacing and jumps in scale, feverish and thoughtful poses full of silence, disturbance and ecstatic visions: joints, links, and continuity in the integration of the parts. Here is a selection of magisterial and memorable photos, from archaeological landscapes and ruins to great cathedrals, in the intervals of a time without time.

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Product information

Authors Paola Goretti, Marco Meneguzzo

Publisher Treccani

Year 2020

Pages 404

Size cm 31x24,5

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